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I'm tiring of Fable III.

I don't want to play any other video games.

I don't want to continue reading Divergent.

I don't want to continue reading PLL: Killer.

I don't want to clean, don't want to do laundry, don't want to watch a movie.

I'm watching Priceless for the time being but I'm still pretty bored. I can't figure out what I want to be doing at all.

This Friday I'm going to go shopping with one of my coworkers. I've been looking around for some lingerie drawers and of course I want the expensive ones from Pier One. She suggested trying out Hobby Lobby though, and when I was at their website I found this small chest, which looks to be about the same size as my old PEACH JOHN storage set I was keeping my underwear in. The top drawer broke, and now I'm in this predicament where my closet is becoming one of messy legend. I look at this small little thing from Hobby Lobby and see what I'd love to do with it - put some floral shelf liner all over the inside and maybe cover it with some wallpaper design if I don't just paint it white.

I don't wanna wait until Friday. =( I also don't wanna wait until it's warmer out, but I'd rather not do any crafts like this in the basement while it's freezing.

blargh. still bored.
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I just spent $130 on books for this semester, and I don't think I even got all that I needed.

To be fair, $60 of that was the $4 shipping that each used vendor charged. (And I may have thrown in the Pleasantville DVD and another book that isn't on the list...) And I know I could have it way worse - Bob spent nearly $600 on only a handful of books for his social work studies.

So long, last apartment's deposit check!

(ARGHHHHH I should've bought Miss Pettigrew's DVD and book too, while I was at it!! ...not too late for that really)
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Testing out my new crossposting footer.

I finished the Mukai Osamu fanlisting today! It turned out completely different from what I originally was making, but I like the result. Go, look at Prettypants. If you like him, do join! It's so much more fun with two. <3

Today Charter (our internet provider) had its rewards redemption center open with Mad Men merchandise. According to my mom, what they normally have is pretty crappy, so she's been letting our reward points accrue and today it paid off. The sale started at 11am, and I was able to go there at 5 'til (It was first-come, first-serve!) and get some sweet things. I got us a snowglobe, a soup mug, and the season 2 soundtrack...taking us from nearly 20k points to just over 100. *laugh* Well, that's why we saved up! Really excited for these things though. My mom loves snowglobes, and I didn't tell her I got one. I'm hoping she'll be surprised and the website didn't send a confirmation email or anything. (Additionally, I found S2 at Target yesterday for $20. =3)

I called her to let her know I got to the sale successfully, and it turned out she was leaving work to catch the Metro back to the suburbs, as she had a doctor's appointment at 2:30. That wasn't for a few hours, so she asked if I wanted to meet her and an hour later I was at the station. We went out to lunch and then thrifting in Belleville - I bought eight old vinyls (I decorate with them and listen to them when I can with my mom's player), a strawberry napkin holder, and a strawberry artwork thingie all for under $3. I love that thrift store. We're going back, I've decided. Everything's so cheap. The most I paid individually was 50c for the artwork.

After that she went to her appointment and I walked around downtown some more, ending up in an antique store and buying these lovelies:

Vintage issues of Seventeen, one each from 1959, 1960, and 1961. They're not in the greatest condition, but they're far from falling apart and indeed very readable! I haven't decided if I want to keep them whole (I don't think they'll be very valuable in the state they're in) or design my apartment with the pages.

I've been packing and packing and more packing since getting home. I'm so bored. =/ Mom, stop talking on the phone and let's go watch Hell's Kitchen~~
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I was gathering the "Buy this CD!" links for Sheki Music just now and found that the DS game of "Chi's Sweet Home" is nearly half off at YesAsia, making it about $30.

I'm trying to save what little money I have for Chicago, but I've wanted this game since I found out about early this year.


I wish things in my sale post would sell. I suppose I could do better promoting them. xD

(I re-enabled commenting for LJ people on my LJ for DW posts.)
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Ah yes, happiness can still be bought. ♥

I went to Love21 (Forever21's accessory/underwear store) and found some big sunglasses, a cherry-print cami on sale, two skinny headbands (LOVE these lately, now I have three), and right as I was checking out one of the salesladies was trying to sell nail glitter polish to another customer. I've been looking for this stuff for FOREVER for my nail art! Everything was so cheap, too. But uh, memo to employees - STOP TREATING ME LIKE DIRT. WTF. Almost every single time I'm in there alone I practically get cold-shouldered, so I don't know why I continue to go. I didn't realize this was high school. Fucking hell, if it wasn't so cheap.

Yeah, that kind of put a bad taste in my mouth but it wasn't going to ruin my awesome day, so I went from there to TJ Maxx and bought a Betsey camisole (I think I have as many camis as I do hoodies) and found an off-brand of Aquaglobes for my mom - she's been wanting to try them and it was cheap. I'm rather disappointed at their painful lack of strawberry decor, though. I thought maybe I'd be able to find something for my apartment next year but no such luck. =(

From TJ Maxx I was going to go to Sally's and then remembered I wanted more of those cold mitarashi dango treats, so I found my way to Chong's and didn't get lost this time. :D One skewer of those and cheese bread ended up being my lunch ♥ So, from there I went to Sally's for some bright nail polish and successfully found many for cheap. :D

And that's my day. Too much excitement. Time to go play video games. xD
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I love my new Wave face cleaner. <3 It felt really good on my face and oddly enough, calmed the headache I had. My face does feel softer, but I don't know if that's any different from usual. We'll see in a couple days!

Going shopping today. I think I'll hit up the mall, TJ Maxx, and stop back at Sally's before heading back home. Tonight I think I'm going to see Night at the Museum 2 with my momma \:D/

Should probably pick up a bit down here before I go do these fun things. Mom wanted to run the Roomba tonight. =/


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