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My mom came to town last night, and today she's helping me move a bunch of my stuff to storage (about an hour and a half away where I have other family - we're using a small house that's been in my family since the early 1900s to store everything like my other relatives do xD) along with one of her friends from her old workplace. They're both driving there right now and I should be packing. I've been doing it in increments and taking breaks. The bad thing is that I have two places things need to be going - if I don't need it during the summer, it goes to storage in Iowa. If I need it, it goes to Illinois. Things in my mom's friend's van go to Iowa and the Illinois stuff in my mom's car later when they get back. It's a little confusing.

She'd kill me if she saw me right now, sitting in the middle of the mess to take a break. *laugh*

I went ice skating with friends yesterday after packing a little bit. I haven't been ice skating since elementary school, so I was insanely rusty. I'm surprised I didn't fall at all. It was pretty fun~ One of my friends (who swears he's never been) was practically flying across the rink >O I hate him. LOL~ I wasn't anywhere near that courageous.

It's a little sad how much stuff in this apartment is mine. Why am I always the only one who brings stuff to live on? I like a cozy apartment (but NOT messy), and the roomie likes wide and open ones. Which means NO FURNITURE.

I can't wait to go home. Or at least be done with this.
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I'm pretty sure my campus has the American equivalent of kogal/ganguro in high numbers, including one of my old suitemates from the dorms. (Her constant Facebook photo updates provide me with this knowledge.)

These girls tan so much I'm surprised the fake sunlight isn't permanently embedded in their skin pigment. Their hair is bleached an incredibly bright blonde, and they wear equally bright (or dark - never neutral) make-up to go with the skimpy outfits they wear around campus. All they really care about is going out every night, getting wasted, and having random sex. (...)

I've never seen a group of people this plastic in my life. I never want to be this fake, but just now I wondered if I had been that way when I entered college, maybe I would've gotten along better with my roommates/suitemates.


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