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There's something about a snoring kitteh-kyat that melts my heart. (>w<)
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Sometime last month Bowser, my kitten, began playing fetch with me. It started when I was sitting on the bed one afternoon, doing some computer work, and I threw one of his toys on the floor so he would leave me alone.

Then he brought it back. We haven't stopped playing since.

He's so adorable when he plays. We usually play with these mesh catnip tubes that are basically Chinese finger-traps, filled with catnip and sealed on both ends. I throw one into the next room and he runs after it, and after retrieving it trots back to me with it in his mouth and drops it right next to me. When these toys go missing, he gets so restless. I have to occasionally dig them out for him from under Will's desk. When he sees me on my stomach with the flashlight and the ruler (to grab the toy out), he comes over to try to help me. XD

Today I threw one of his toys and it landed on one of the swivel chairs I own (the same style as this one with different colors and base). He tried to jump up onto the chair, first by putting his two front paws on the side of it, but this would cause the chair to spin. This happened a few times before he started crying, so Will had to grab the toy for him. The poor thing...

Even when it's 6am, it's time to play fetch. XDDD
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There's that moment when you start to cry and the tears begin to rise up before they finally spill out.

This moment is much more enjoyable when it's sunlight. I've only been able to achieve it when I'm in the car driving before the sun sets, with my car visor down and my sunglasses on. The sunlight streams into the car in just the right way so that it only fills my eyes halfway.

It feels beautiful.
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This is damned silly, but I got a little excited when I noticed Poupee Girl has a "Super Cleaning" UFO catcher right now. It kind of inspires me to clean.

I love cleaning anyway. It puts my mind at ease when I'm surrounded by a tidy environment.

Currently I am not. But it's only a matter of hours until the weekend now (aka Friday at 5pm) and I'm going to go crazy. :D
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I've been marathoning Ugly Betty in the background on Netflix for the past month, and ugh, I am still bitter over Henry and Betty not ending up together. They like the same things, work well together, mesh perfectly, FUCK, they even look like they should be together!

Fucking Charlie had to go and get knocked up...
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I have a baaaad caffeine high. Don't know why I thought it was a good idea to alternately drink iced tea and a latte. To top that off I am hung-the-fuck-over and unable to be productive with my day. I just want to pass out.
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I decided to get a bath and relax with my new bestie, Lana Del Rey, playing from my laptop in our adjoining bedroom.

I love this album so far.

A lot has happened to me, again. It's barely the second month of this year. If this year is anything like January was (a literal wreck), I'm going to die.

I'm attempting to make some pasta using cheese powder leftover from a box of mac & cheese. Hope it turns out okay.
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i must not drink coffee after 10:30pm

i must not drink coffee after 10:30pm

i must not drink coffee after 10:30pm

i must not drink coffee after 10:30pm

Especially when I have to be awake and ready to go to Omaha by 8am. Sweet jesus, I have never had caffeine jitters this bad, but my hands are absolutely shaking.


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Slept in till about 9:30am today. Rooooock on. :D My aunt's coming to pick me up in about half an hour so we can go see Ice Age 3.

So far it's been a lazy morning of Tropic Thunder, The Simpsons Movie, and a shower. Looks kind of gloomy outside, so I don't think trying for a tan is in the cards today.

I want to go out to eat this weekend even though I've been trying to lose weight (what's new?). We went to the Incredible Pizza Company last weekend and I nearly fainted from the awesomeness (so 50s/60s retro!). I also want to go to IHOP and try Hawaiian pancakes. =3

This is what's next to me on the couch right now.

Yes, there's a cat buried in that blanket. He has since poked his head out and looks rather happy. :D

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Tru dat.

On a side note, I started watching The O.C. today. Not entirely sure about the series yet. Damn, Summer's a conceited bitch. I hope Seth gets over his crush on her or she has some character development.

New icon. Hot bitch is Mukai Osamu - I'd like him to wear glasses again in a drama like he did as Mayama-kun~

I have bad fiction addiction.
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My mother's purchase of our new high-def television has rekindled my love for movies. I want to watch absolutely everything I own now.

This does not help the amount of cleaning and unpacking I need to be doing this week, especially if the boy is coming to visit. Oh, help me. (=_=)
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I love my new Wave face cleaner. <3 It felt really good on my face and oddly enough, calmed the headache I had. My face does feel softer, but I don't know if that's any different from usual. We'll see in a couple days!

Going shopping today. I think I'll hit up the mall, TJ Maxx, and stop back at Sally's before heading back home. Tonight I think I'm going to see Night at the Museum 2 with my momma \:D/

Should probably pick up a bit down here before I go do these fun things. Mom wanted to run the Roomba tonight. =/
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When it comes down to it, I've been cooped up in the apartment a few days now. I went for a drive with Mom the other night and I've been over to my aunt's house a couple of times, but I haven't been outside of Mascoutah yet by myself this summer. I'm gonna head out to Target to buy that Neutrogena Wave thingie and some orange juice - the lack of it in my refrigerator is criminal.

Tori, where did you go? =(
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I have a boyfriend.


I just want to sleep in instead of go to work.