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I just realized Photobucket deleted my awesome picture of Nakamura Miu, gravure pirate. Wtf, photobucket. Didn't even let me know.

They also deleted the one I uploaded after that, but I can't remember for the life of me who/what it was. You know, gravure pirate was relatively tame compared to Hara Mikie shoving her boobs into the camera lens or Kuroki Meisa licking her finger suggestively.

What bugs me more is that I can't remember what "04.jpg" might have been. Hmmmm. Anyone? I don't even remember where I posted it.

EDIT: Solved. It was one of Oshima Mai. Maybe the crotch-shot did it.
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Sato Takeru, I love you, but and your photobook is kind of erotic trashy questionable slutty amazing. Especially when you make that face. ♥

(Let's not even discuss the photos of him on the toilet.)
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I posted back in May about my desktop sound card going out. Well, a day or two after that post it completely stopped working, which is quite inconvenient for me. The desktop is where I do most of my online work (this includes organizing my files), and I have to have music whenever I'm on the desktop. The last two summers consisted of me plugging the pikoPod in and having at it - organizing my idol folders, organizing my music, redesigning websites, you name it. I was on a roll.

When it stopped working, my productivity went down. Sure, I could just put my earbuds back in my iPod and listen that way, but my iPod is old and has mood swings (which means I can't listen to it at ease, without feeling like it might turn off on me which results in a very unpleasant, loud noise in my earbuds), and half of the time I don't know what I want to listen to. I can't just put it on "shuffle" and skip through the songs I don't want to listen to, because excessive skipping (and volume change) is how it poops out. Additionally, I've been trying to play or weed out the songs not listened to for a year, and the only way I can view the date is when I have iTunes open. What I did as a makeshift replacement was bring down some old, crappy speakers from an old computer and put them on the sides of my monitor and plug that into my iPod, but it's basically just functioning as earbuds then.

In summary, I am a big nerd with my iPod and need it connected to a computer to fully enjoy listening to it.

That said, I've used my laptop for a lot of things, but because I have countless needed files on the desktop (my website files, to name a big one) and no real mouse on the laptop, it becomes a hinderance and in the end, all I've done is watch dramas and go online with it. (I do all my TFL updates on it though, and listen to music then. <3) But I like listening to music best when I am being productive in the web-geek sense.

I've desperately wanted to get out of my design rut and put it on the To-Do list for today, that no matter what I would try to make something new. What I did was plug in the laptop nearby (on top of the barrel we keep the kitty food in actually), plug the iPod in that, and plug in the aforementioned speakers to the laptop, and I'm ready to go again!

I looked through some idol picture BBSs and found a great one of Ueto Aya I think I'll use. I'd wanted to use something from Fukakyon's "25sai" photobook or even Yossi's "Yossui." but...nothing was working. I'm just happy to have something in the works.

(On a side note, as I was going to upload the following screengrab at TinyPic, Sugaya Risako popped up as a recently uploaded one. xD

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Tru dat.

On a side note, I started watching The O.C. today. Not entirely sure about the series yet. Damn, Summer's a conceited bitch. I hope Seth gets over his crush on her or she has some character development.

New icon. Hot bitch is Mukai Osamu - I'd like him to wear glasses again in a drama like he did as Mayama-kun~

I have bad fiction addiction.


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