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My new phone came yesterday, so I rushed straight to the Verizon store to get things transferred over. The only difference I've been able to spot is that now when I close my phone, in the screen where it shows you if the phone is locked or not, it's a translucent blue bar instead of the old clear one. I don't know how to change that, but I don't care, either. I think the software's a little newer. Also, the battery sticks out just a little more, but pushing it in a little tighter (that's what she said) has become a new habit of mine, much like squishing the plastic phone strap when I'm bored. I figure if I get really tired of it, I can just switch out the battery from my old phone. I haven't really been able to understand why it doesn't completely fit in, but I haven't sat down with my phone and played with it either.

Went to the casino and won $12. Later spent $5 trying to win more, but either way, I walked out ahead, so I'm happy.

Today is Homework Mode. Phone off. I started doing that earlier this semester when I was trying to write a reading response and kept getting texted/called by people. It's nice to disconnect. I've gotten the two Japanese homeworks done that are due on Tuesday. What I have left now are two Japanese Linguistics assignments (one for Tuesday, the other for Thursday), a response paper for Japanese Fiction over Tetsuwan Atom due on Monday, and a response paper due for Sex & Pop Culture on Wednesday. The goal is to finish them all by this weekend, if not the end of the day.

It so does not help that I'm on DreamWidth right now. Damn you, intarwebs!

Ah, but I've done better at writing response papers lately. When you forget everything your high school teachers told you ("Don't use 'I'!") it becomes rather easy. I've gotten full points on the past three papers I've had to write. However, this Sex & Pop Culture response might prove tricky. My TA said it can't be an opinion piece, a summary, or a writing over how it made me feel...I'm like, "So what the hell does that leave!?" What I have written down in my planner (his words) are "What struck me in the chapter, a theme, etc - critical thinking! analyzing!"

I feel he is slightly contradictory. I am not looking forward to this paper, but I should get used to it because I'm going to have five more due over the course of the semester.

Egh, back to work.
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I just spent $130 on books for this semester, and I don't think I even got all that I needed.

To be fair, $60 of that was the $4 shipping that each used vendor charged. (And I may have thrown in the Pleasantville DVD and another book that isn't on the list...) And I know I could have it way worse - Bob spent nearly $600 on only a handful of books for his social work studies.

So long, last apartment's deposit check!

(ARGHHHHH I should've bought Miss Pettigrew's DVD and book too, while I was at it!! ...not too late for that really)
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I woke up super early to study for my final some more. I think I'm less prepared for this than I was for the midterm, despite this one being of equal importance and length. And it's funny, because back during the midterm I had way more stuff to do. So instead of going over the notes I made, I am hanging out on various websites. Ugh, fail.

Sometimes I just get to the point where I don't care about my classes after I study for them. I think, "Whatever, I'll just take the damn exam and if I fail I fail." Sometimes I even resign myself to this fact a day or two before it actually happens.

Right now I'm just so tired. Despite being exhausted last night when I turned my lights off at 11:30, I couldn't fall asleep until near 1am. Ridiculous.
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Now that I've customized my style, I like it much more. I always seem to go immediately to a pink theme. XD I think I'd like to change to some pastel blues or greens though, because that's what I think of when I think of summer.

I'm so, so unmotivated this week, which is not smart considering I have a big final tomorrow. Oops.


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