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I posted back in May about my desktop sound card going out. Well, a day or two after that post it completely stopped working, which is quite inconvenient for me. The desktop is where I do most of my online work (this includes organizing my files), and I have to have music whenever I'm on the desktop. The last two summers consisted of me plugging the pikoPod in and having at it - organizing my idol folders, organizing my music, redesigning websites, you name it. I was on a roll.

When it stopped working, my productivity went down. Sure, I could just put my earbuds back in my iPod and listen that way, but my iPod is old and has mood swings (which means I can't listen to it at ease, without feeling like it might turn off on me which results in a very unpleasant, loud noise in my earbuds), and half of the time I don't know what I want to listen to. I can't just put it on "shuffle" and skip through the songs I don't want to listen to, because excessive skipping (and volume change) is how it poops out. Additionally, I've been trying to play or weed out the songs not listened to for a year, and the only way I can view the date is when I have iTunes open. What I did as a makeshift replacement was bring down some old, crappy speakers from an old computer and put them on the sides of my monitor and plug that into my iPod, but it's basically just functioning as earbuds then.

In summary, I am a big nerd with my iPod and need it connected to a computer to fully enjoy listening to it.

That said, I've used my laptop for a lot of things, but because I have countless needed files on the desktop (my website files, to name a big one) and no real mouse on the laptop, it becomes a hinderance and in the end, all I've done is watch dramas and go online with it. (I do all my TFL updates on it though, and listen to music then. <3) But I like listening to music best when I am being productive in the web-geek sense.

I've desperately wanted to get out of my design rut and put it on the To-Do list for today, that no matter what I would try to make something new. What I did was plug in the laptop nearby (on top of the barrel we keep the kitty food in actually), plug the iPod in that, and plug in the aforementioned speakers to the laptop, and I'm ready to go again!

I looked through some idol picture BBSs and found a great one of Ueto Aya I think I'll use. I'd wanted to use something from Fukakyon's "25sai" photobook or even Yossi's "Yossui." but...nothing was working. I'm just happy to have something in the works.

(On a side note, as I was going to upload the following screengrab at TinyPic, Sugaya Risako popped up as a recently uploaded one. xD

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I was gathering the "Buy this CD!" links for Sheki Music just now and found that the DS game of "Chi's Sweet Home" is nearly half off at YesAsia, making it about $30.

I'm trying to save what little money I have for Chicago, but I've wanted this game since I found out about early this year.


I wish things in my sale post would sell. I suppose I could do better promoting them. xD

(I re-enabled commenting for LJ people on my LJ for DW posts.)
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Slept in till about 9:30am today. Rooooock on. :D My aunt's coming to pick me up in about half an hour so we can go see Ice Age 3.

So far it's been a lazy morning of Tropic Thunder, The Simpsons Movie, and a shower. Looks kind of gloomy outside, so I don't think trying for a tan is in the cards today.

I want to go out to eat this weekend even though I've been trying to lose weight (what's new?). We went to the Incredible Pizza Company last weekend and I nearly fainted from the awesomeness (so 50s/60s retro!). I also want to go to IHOP and try Hawaiian pancakes. =3

This is what's next to me on the couch right now.

Yes, there's a cat buried in that blanket. He has since poked his head out and looks rather happy. :D

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I was so looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. Sleep in tomorrow, sleep in Sunday, and for Saturday I'd be okay waking up to an alarm as long as it meant going to Six Flags.

Naturally, my plans became overturned.

Sleeping in tomorrow, yes. Six Flags on Saturday, probably not. Sleeping in Sunday, questionable.

I was called tonight by my cousin asking if I could dog-sit with her Saturday night. It's a bit of a long story, but we'd basically be taking over for her uncle so the uncle could go with my uncle (her stepdad/his brother) and his son (my cousin/her brother) to the lake, because my aunt doesn't trust her husband alone with his own kid on a boat. However, her uncle was supposed to be dogsitting for his relatives. With us taking over for him, he would be free to go to the lake as a "spotter," as my aunt put it.

I love making things more confusing than they really are.

Anyway, it's been established that I have an extremely difficult time turning down family favors. I knew that this would likely mean no sleeping in on Sunday because I'd be staying the night with her at her aunt's place where the dog is. This also meant no Six Flags. However, it did mean we could swim in (or at least tan by) their pool...I thought this over quickly and agreed. I figured I could just bring over my laptop too to continue drama marathoning at night.

My aunt texted me about two hours ago to say that my cousin and I were no longer needed as dog-sitters, so we're back to my original plan.


I'm a little disappointed about not getting to go to the private pool (it must be nice to be wealthy) but I'm looking forward very much so to sleeping in. I still want to go to Six Flags too, so aunt or no aunt, I'm going to ask Mom about it. We've got season passes and have only used them once so far.

I'm so excited to sleep in tomorrow. It feels like it's been weeks. Waking up at 6:40am every morning is taking its toll on me; I'm not used to this kind of schedule. I don't know how I survived high school.
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Tru dat.

On a side note, I started watching The O.C. today. Not entirely sure about the series yet. Damn, Summer's a conceited bitch. I hope Seth gets over his crush on her or she has some character development.

New icon. Hot bitch is Mukai Osamu - I'd like him to wear glasses again in a drama like he did as Mayama-kun~

I have bad fiction addiction.
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My mother's purchase of our new high-def television has rekindled my love for movies. I want to watch absolutely everything I own now.

This does not help the amount of cleaning and unpacking I need to be doing this week, especially if the boy is coming to visit. Oh, help me. (=_=)
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Ah yes, happiness can still be bought. ♥

I went to Love21 (Forever21's accessory/underwear store) and found some big sunglasses, a cherry-print cami on sale, two skinny headbands (LOVE these lately, now I have three), and right as I was checking out one of the salesladies was trying to sell nail glitter polish to another customer. I've been looking for this stuff for FOREVER for my nail art! Everything was so cheap, too. But uh, memo to employees - STOP TREATING ME LIKE DIRT. WTF. Almost every single time I'm in there alone I practically get cold-shouldered, so I don't know why I continue to go. I didn't realize this was high school. Fucking hell, if it wasn't so cheap.

Yeah, that kind of put a bad taste in my mouth but it wasn't going to ruin my awesome day, so I went from there to TJ Maxx and bought a Betsey camisole (I think I have as many camis as I do hoodies) and found an off-brand of Aquaglobes for my mom - she's been wanting to try them and it was cheap. I'm rather disappointed at their painful lack of strawberry decor, though. I thought maybe I'd be able to find something for my apartment next year but no such luck. =(

From TJ Maxx I was going to go to Sally's and then remembered I wanted more of those cold mitarashi dango treats, so I found my way to Chong's and didn't get lost this time. :D One skewer of those and cheese bread ended up being my lunch ♥ So, from there I went to Sally's for some bright nail polish and successfully found many for cheap. :D

And that's my day. Too much excitement. Time to go play video games. xD
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I love my new Wave face cleaner. <3 It felt really good on my face and oddly enough, calmed the headache I had. My face does feel softer, but I don't know if that's any different from usual. We'll see in a couple days!

Going shopping today. I think I'll hit up the mall, TJ Maxx, and stop back at Sally's before heading back home. Tonight I think I'm going to see Night at the Museum 2 with my momma \:D/

Should probably pick up a bit down here before I go do these fun things. Mom wanted to run the Roomba tonight. =/
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When it comes down to it, I've been cooped up in the apartment a few days now. I went for a drive with Mom the other night and I've been over to my aunt's house a couple of times, but I haven't been outside of Mascoutah yet by myself this summer. I'm gonna head out to Target to buy that Neutrogena Wave thingie and some orange juice - the lack of it in my refrigerator is criminal.

Tori, where did you go? =(
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We've only been going out a little over a week now, but my biggest fear is the day he realizes I'm really not as interesting as he might've thought.

When I think about it, I don't know what's to like about me but I'm hoping he'll continue to see it.
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Ugh, my desktop speakers at home have been going wonky for months now, and I think finally they've completely given up. Any sound I try to get from them just comes off like the radio when you're not in proper range. For some reason, it gives my headphones the same effect when I plug them in. I didn't think speaker sound transferred to headphones like that; rather, I thought the headphones replaced it.

I do not want to shell out any money for new speakers.

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Really happy with life right now.

I'm at home with my loved ones, I've got someone who really likes me, and I can see the cities in the sky again at their best.

When I don't think about what's coming next month, I'm content.
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I have a boyfriend.


I just want to sleep in instead of go to work.
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My mom came to town last night, and today she's helping me move a bunch of my stuff to storage (about an hour and a half away where I have other family - we're using a small house that's been in my family since the early 1900s to store everything like my other relatives do xD) along with one of her friends from her old workplace. They're both driving there right now and I should be packing. I've been doing it in increments and taking breaks. The bad thing is that I have two places things need to be going - if I don't need it during the summer, it goes to storage in Iowa. If I need it, it goes to Illinois. Things in my mom's friend's van go to Iowa and the Illinois stuff in my mom's car later when they get back. It's a little confusing.

She'd kill me if she saw me right now, sitting in the middle of the mess to take a break. *laugh*

I went ice skating with friends yesterday after packing a little bit. I haven't been ice skating since elementary school, so I was insanely rusty. I'm surprised I didn't fall at all. It was pretty fun~ One of my friends (who swears he's never been) was practically flying across the rink >O I hate him. LOL~ I wasn't anywhere near that courageous.

It's a little sad how much stuff in this apartment is mine. Why am I always the only one who brings stuff to live on? I like a cozy apartment (but NOT messy), and the roomie likes wide and open ones. Which means NO FURNITURE.

I can't wait to go home. Or at least be done with this.
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I'm pretty sure my campus has the American equivalent of kogal/ganguro in high numbers, including one of my old suitemates from the dorms. (Her constant Facebook photo updates provide me with this knowledge.)

These girls tan so much I'm surprised the fake sunlight isn't permanently embedded in their skin pigment. Their hair is bleached an incredibly bright blonde, and they wear equally bright (or dark - never neutral) make-up to go with the skimpy outfits they wear around campus. All they really care about is going out every night, getting wasted, and having random sex. (...)

I've never seen a group of people this plastic in my life. I never want to be this fake, but just now I wondered if I had been that way when I entered college, maybe I would've gotten along better with my roommates/suitemates.

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I woke up super early to study for my final some more. I think I'm less prepared for this than I was for the midterm, despite this one being of equal importance and length. And it's funny, because back during the midterm I had way more stuff to do. So instead of going over the notes I made, I am hanging out on various websites. Ugh, fail.

Sometimes I just get to the point where I don't care about my classes after I study for them. I think, "Whatever, I'll just take the damn exam and if I fail I fail." Sometimes I even resign myself to this fact a day or two before it actually happens.

Right now I'm just so tired. Despite being exhausted last night when I turned my lights off at 11:30, I couldn't fall asleep until near 1am. Ridiculous.
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Now that I've customized my style, I like it much more. I always seem to go immediately to a pink theme. XD I think I'd like to change to some pastel blues or greens though, because that's what I think of when I think of summer.

I'm so, so unmotivated this week, which is not smart considering I have a big final tomorrow. Oops.
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Thank you so much, [personal profile] sukoshi!

Agh, sometimes I really just want to take back my internet name for me. <33 Even after 7 years I still want to be Wapiko.